Chef Tim Boltin is originally from Orangeburg, South Carolina.  He had always wanted to live in Vermont and his bride is originally from Woodstock, Vermont


When retired from the US Air Force and it was time to start another career, Culinary was always on the backburner.  New England Culinary Institute (NECI) helped to move that to the front. 

Tim has worked at Sugarbush under direction of the acclaimed Chef, Gerry Nooney.  Gerry Nooney still mentors Tim in many aspects of the business.

Chef Tim, brings many years of cooking and cultural exposure to culmination at Delicate Decadence.  While from the deep south, Tim combines all that wiTH his 15 years in Europe and his love of food.


As a local business, we feel strongly about our connection to the community.  We support many organizations either monetarily or with goods and services.  Some of the things we support, Department of Education, Department of Justice. Adult Basic Education, department of Labor, Barre Elementary School, Websterville Christian school, the navigators, faith Community church, green peace, the good Samaritan haven, compassion international, the barre heritage festival, and others!

If you approach us to support you or your function, the main thing we consider is your patronage to this business.  Consider approaching those you do business with for support.   

Life:  the most important thing in your life is to find your place with God.  I believe it is essential to really experiencing life.  You have questions - see Chef Tim.  If not, check out this Link!